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My interest in Radio started in 1957 when my brother Mike returned from his National Service in the Far East. He was in the RAF Signals and learned Morse Code at the No. 3 Radio School at Compton Bassett, Wiltshire. Our father bought him a WW2 surplus R208 from Henry's Radio in the Edgware Road, London. At home I had previously built crystal sets and used to listen to Radio Luxembourg on 208 metres, so to have the chance to operate a short wave receiver in a new part of the radio spectrum was a fascinating new experience for me. My brother progressed to a Minimeter received so the R208 was passed on to me. My brother listened to morse code on the Amateur Radio bands whereas I listened to the Broadcasting bands and tuned into radio stations from all around the world. I would send off reports to these radio stations using a radio reporting system known as SINPO. I would send IRC's to these stations with a hope that they would reply and send me what is known as a QSL card. I still have these original cards received from about 50 years ago. I was a member of the International Short Wave League and here is a Membership Card as well as a Certificate for receiving QSL confirmation of 25 countries - Click Here

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Once I started working I purchased a new Eddystone Radio 840C receiver. This was the last valve communications receiver made for the retail market and was purchased from Webbs Radio in Soho Square, London at a price of £58.00 in 1961. The receiver still gets an airing today assuming that I have the time to let it warm up!

Mike obtained his Amateur Radio Licence and with his Morse Code knowledge progressed immediately to a Class A with a callsign of G4AYO. He is still very active in the hobby and concentrated on USSR stations. His interest here has moved on and he is a very able Russian language translator. He has also studied the fascinating subject of Russian Arctic exploration by plane in the 1930's. See Mike's QSL Card

It was about 18 years later, when working at Coates Brothers Printing Inks, I met Peter Vella G3WVP who was the man from HM Customs & Excise that I dealt with for Hydro Carbon Oil Duty. He gave me the confidence to try for the City and Guilds examination. I studied at Eltham evening school and was taught by Norman Harper G3ZCV. I managed to pass this examination so I was able to apply for a Class B licence allowing me transmitting access to the VHF and UHF frequencies. My callsign for the Class B licence was G8ZIG. In under 6 months I passed the Post Office Morse Code examination held at North Foreland radio station. This allowed me access to all the other available Amateur Radio bands and I received my current class A callsign of G4MHJ. See my QSL Card

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