Here you will find a selection of websites that I find interesting.

Karl's website - K0ELE in Denver, Colorado, United States. See his new website and the weather in Denver. K0ELE

Norman's website - G3ZCV in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, England. See his garden webcam where you might be lucky and see him on his knees cutting his lawn with nail scissors :)

Peregrine Falcon Webcams - From the roof of Nottingham Trent University Falcons
Race Rocks - See wildlife in Victoria Bay, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada. This follows a visit there in 2006. 1 2 3 4 5 Race Rocks
Maritime AIS - Here is an excellent site for viewing uk shipping movements Ships
Google Map APRS - Follow Cars and Lorries and view static radio amateur stations and weather stations APRS

Ancestry - My main source of online Genealogy.


Web Truck Control - Can drive you mad!

Arthur Pewty's Maggot Sandwich - Life in and around Erith.



Erith Matters

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