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I was researching for the death of a Frederic Brazier who was my wife's paternal great grandfather born in Rye, Sussex 1843. I had found his gravestone in St. Nicholas's churchyard in Sandhurst Cross, Kent and was buried with his wife Ann in 1878 and 1877 respectively. No death records could be found in the usual England and Wales death records. We went on a short holiday in Scotland and stayed at the Victorian Inversnaid Hotel which lies on the eastern side of Loch Lomond. When we returned the latest Probate records had been made available and I looked up our Frederic for the year 1878. To my surprise I found that Frederic had taken a holiday as a widower away from Kent after the death of his wife Ann. He had unfortunately died in his sleep at the very same hotel in Scotland that we had stayed in. His death record was therefore found in the Scottish Records rather than England and Wales. We always thought that this was a little spooky and was glad that we didn't know this before we stayed there.

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