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From a recently found family album - comments as written on the reverse of each.
Mrs Elizabeth Wilson nee Graham (1881-1966), James Duncan Wilson (1922-1975), Elizabeth Martin Graham Wilson (1920-2007) at Thistle Lea Cottage, Bridgend, Bathgate  
25/7/1934 William and Agnes Hunter - I have still to resolve who these children are.  
L Martin, Nellie Martin & Tom McLaren at Bo'ness Station  
Margaret Easton Blair Graham (visiting from USA), Elizabeth Martin Lees (nee Hunter), Elizabeth Wilson,
Robert Lees, Alice King, John Binnie
Elizabeth Wilson, James Wilson, Margaret Graham Lees (My mother)
at Lewisvale Bandstand, Musselburgh
Robert Lees, Margaret Easton Blair Graham, Thomas Gracie Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson (nee Graham), John Binnie, Alice King
Elizabeth Wilson, James Wilson, Margaret Graham Lees at Lewisvale Bandstand, Musselburgh
L to R: Margaret Graham Lees, James Binnie, Margaret Easton Blair Graham, James Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson (nee Graham) at Fisherrow, Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

Cousin Margaret Easton Blair, Elizabeth and John Graham - from a postcard with an Canadian Photographer's address Jos. Grenier, Photographe, 1355 Rue Notre Dame Quest, Montreal & 1355 Rue Wellington, Verdun.

It is now known that these are the same persons pictured below as young children. Margaret was born in 1908 and Elizabeth in 1912 both in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland. The family then emigrated to Canada between 1912 and 1915. John was born in Canada in 1915. This explains the Canadian Photographer. Agnes was born in 1919 and William in 1921. In 1923 the whole family emigrated to Wayne, Detroit, USA.

Taken August 30, 1936 outside 12770 Joann Street, Wayne, Detroit, USA.
I have now found out how these persons fit into my family tree.
The Graham's seen are the children of John Graham & Agnes Blair.
Herbert Hinz married to Elizabeth Graham, Lucille Slater married to John Graham Jnr, Margaret Elizabeth Graham (spinster and music teacher), Agnes (aka Nancy) Graham, William (aka Billie) Graham. All were residing in the USA at the time. The premises no longer exist and is now a vacant lot. The house was owned and built by John Graham Snr who was a building contractor. His advertising board can just be seen on the left. He and his wife Agnes Blair were not in the picture and were perhaps behind the camera. I am very interested in finding any descendants of these people.

I have now been contacted by the son of Herbert Hinz who still lives in Michigan. We have had a fascinating exchange of emails which has helped to fully understand what happened to the above people. I only wish my mother had told me more about them when she was alive.

I would be very interested for any comments about these images.

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